Renovation of the park on Moravske square, Brno

The project is based on a design by Consequence forma architects, architects Janica Šipulová and Martin Sládek, who won a public design competition. The subject of the competition was the elaboration of an architectural-urban and landscape design for the solution of the space called “Park on Moravské náměstí in Brno”. The aim was to revitalize the area of the city park in the city centre, which had been in a long-unmaintained state.

Based on the decision of an expert jury, the park on Moravské náměstí in Brno has become the winner of the Park of the Year 2023 competition. The jury appreciated the generous architectural and urban design of the public space in the city centre and the complex multidisciplinary approach of the author’s team. The project works with elements of blue-green infrastructure, environmental sustainability and biodiversity requirements and offers a new meeting place for people. The authors of the design fully respected the existing mature trees, which were not only professionally treated more than a year before the start of the park’s reconstruction, but also the root zone of the trees was modified, increasing the rooting space and improving the conditions of the existing trees before the start of construction work.