Campus of the Faculty of Horticulture, MENDELU

Faculty of Horticulture Mendel University with Landscape Architecture departments are specialized in the cultural development of the agricultural landscape, the protection and preservation of garden art monuments, the development of urban and rural environments, new forms of lawn planting, systematic greenery care and the efficient use of water in the landscape.


Academic Garden

In the framework of the compulsory practical training, students have to directly participate in the care of this space and thus gain an even stronger relationship with the place and the plants. The composition of the space is based on the impression formed by the complex collection of plants – from solitary specimen trees, shrubs and the ground-covering level, an exceptional collection of climbers, to flowers of all colours and production groups.

Labyrinth of Nature and Paradise of Gardens

It creates a comprehensive and clearly readable image of the contemporary creative possibilities and limits of the individual compositional elements and garden principles, related new techniques, technologies and media.

The thematic gardens are not only an extensive collection of garden plant assortments, but above all an illustration of their combinations and relations emerging from their artistic, architectural and environmental grouping.